Porajmos (Short)

Story of suppressed love between a German officer and a Serbian girl set during the WWII in Vojvodina and Flossenburg.

Director: Gorčin Stojanović
Writers: Dušan Jović, Dušan Savić
Cinematographer: Djordje Arambašić, SAS
Cast: Branislav Jerković, Slaven Došlo, Ervin Hadžimurtezić, Ivana V. Jovanović, Vanja Nenadić, Biljana Keskenović, Danica Grubački
Production Design: Milenko Jeremić
Costume Design: Gordana Angelovski
Edited by: Petar Marković
Colorist: Jure Teržan


Señor (Short)

When Dunya decides to accompany her father on his wine delivery route, a chance encounter with her father’s old love confronts her with the mystery of who her father is and more perilously – who he used to be.

Writer and director: Masha Clark
Cinematography by: Djordje Arambašić, SAS
Production design: Ivana Jančić
Costume design: Suna Kažić
Produced by: Conrad Clark, Masha Clark, Zoran Jovanović, and Olivera Šaranović
Film editing by: Conrad Clark, Masha Clark, and Paul Monaghan
Music by: Darko Rundek



The puzzle-like story built using three parallel narratives. These three stories are unrelated at first glance. But as we get to know the characters better, we intuitively feel that a single love story forms above these three narratives. These kids could grow up to be these young people, and they could become this particular middle-aged couple separating. If they did not all live at the same time and in the same city, they would be each other’s past, present and future.

Director: Maša Nešković
Cinematography: Đorđe Arambašić, SAS
Producer: Snežana Van Hauvelingen
Writers: Maša Nešković, Vladimir Arsenijević, Staša Bajac
Production Design: Jovana Cvetković, Jelena Šopić
Composer: Janja Lončar
Colorist: Jure Teržan


Delirijum Tremens

Dagi is a famous actor, but a heavy drinker. At one point his condition becomes critical and he ends up in the hospital where he is diagnosed with delirium tremens.

Writer and Director: Goran Marković
Cinematography: Đorđe Arambašić, SAS
Producer: Marija Bereta for RTS
Production Design: Aleksandar Cvijanović, Dragoslav Ivković
Costume Design: Suzana Gligorijević
Colorist: Nikola Stankić